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Tips for taking great selfies

Everyone has that special friend on social media who loves posting selfies but sometimes their selfies results in a tour of their nasal canal. With a little practice, anyone can present their best self with interesting pics using these 5 Techniques for Better Selfies.

Find the Light

Your best selfie is one filled with light. As Tyra Banks was fond of saying on "America's Top Model", avoid the shadows and find the light!

Make it Interesting

Yes, your followers just adore seeing your lovely face for the 100th time in one week. So much so they keep scrolling right on by. Give your selfies texture and depth with stunning background, striking attire, or by capturing yourself doing something fun, cute, or unusual. Post selfies that will make your followers want to take a closer look.

“Be original, show off your style, and tell your story with exciting #selfies.”

Be Careful about Background

Raise your hand if you're like me. I'll look right past your selfie and check out the background. What will I see? Avoid selfies with a cluttered or unpleasant background: unwashed dishes, dirty carpet, unmade bed, and ewwwww -- discarded underwear. If you invite followers into your world by posting selfies they may not stop at the image of your lovely/handsome face they may continue to look beyond what you want them to see. #IJS And of course, be safe. Don't let your background reveal to the world sensitive information.

Randomness vs Eventfulness

Back to the 100 selfies posted in a week (I may be exaggerating a little). However, a random selfie here and there we can handle. But is it random by the 5th selfie posted in one day? Seems like it may be more on purpose than random. And needless to say, BORING, to your followers. Consider allowing your selfies to highlight the great events in your life: vacation destinations, weddings, birthdays, time spent doing fun stuff alone or with friends and family. Instead of boring your followers, delight them with your selfies and in the process boost your personal brand.

The Right Angle

Before you post, practice, practice, practice! Show off your features in the best way by learning at which angle to hold your phone. Then snap and post!



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